Techno Coil is the first digital heat exchanger brand in Europe, entering the market in January 2019. It is a brand that combines precision, quality, and flexibility. Our product portfolio includes bare, microchannel, finned pack heat exchangers and a wide range of vented units and products for special applications. Staff with several years of experience in the field provide a professional approach. We treat our business partners responsibly and thus provide them with complete service and turnkey solutions.



We aim to adequately meet our clients' ever-growing demand and provide functional solutions quickly, professionally, and with high quality. At the same time, we offer individual technical solutions tailored efficiently, emphasizing quality and environmental protection.



Techno Coil's vision is to become a global force in the refrigeration industry and to provide clients with maximum quality at favourable delivery times. Being ready and able to answer any queries quickly and efficiently and resolve any issues to maximum satisfaction.



Our priority is a responsible and individual approach to our clients and the products we produce with the highest possible precision and quality. In the production itself, we emphasize protecting the environment and do not shy away from using new technological innovations in the sector.


The products are available to view in the showroom of our official sales representative, Klimamarket, s.r.o. at Galvaniho street 6 in Bratislava.