Why Technocoil

Techno Coil is the first digital heat exchanger brand in Europe that aims to offer individual tailor-made technical solutions. The brand's primary objective is to adequately cover the ever-growing demand of clients and to meet all the requirements of a given project. The brand has in its portfolio heat exchangers such as laminated blocks and vented units, which range from 250W up to 1MW.
In terms of production, the brand focuses on heat exchangers for ventilation units - heaters and coolers, evaporators for refrigerated showcases, condensers and dry coolers. It also offers individual units for various applications such as heat pump exchangers, special exchangers for steam and oil cooling, and complete vented units.


To be open to change, to more modern solutions, to push humanity's capabilities forward. Innovation is an important factor for us, constantly pushing us forward towards unattainable perfection.


By increasing our technological capabilities, we can efficiently and productively address all requirements, reach our target state and become a brand of the future.


Modern technology has become part of our lives. Thanks to constant innovation and their implementation in production processes, we save the environment. There is strength in the brand, there is strength in the future.

Technocoil dominants


Extensive knowledge = maximum information. We provide complete information to our customers.


We place great emphasis on precision and accuracy to successfully achieve our goal.


The human desire to change the environment leads us to continuous improvement and uncompromising quality.


In order to meet the needs of our customers, we are committed to speed of response.


We promote the production, delivery of a product or provision of a service at the best possible price.

Product usability segments


It creates a comfortable temperature in buildings such as offices, shopping centres or supermarkets.


It can be used in cold and freezer rooms and warehouses. Refrigerated counters are used in supermarkets, for example, and industrial refrigerators are suitable for the kitchen of hotels or restaurants.


It serves as an air curtain at the entrance to shopping malls and other buildings.

Product categories